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Our Story

Holy Goat Coffee began in 2009 – when a passionate group of people decided it was time to use their knowledge to invent a new coffee experience.

Seeking that next level quality – we experimented with new, exciting and intricate flavours from the world’s most renowned coffee growing regions.

Our green beans are sourced directly from the growers and roasted in our state of the art air roasting facilities. This means we control the quality throughout the entire process – ensuring even roasting temperatures. Our high supply standards, attention to detail and stringent procedures make for a consistent roast profile – each and every time.

At Holy Goat Coffee, we believe our product is only as amazing as the people who are involved – whether it be serving you at our Espresso Bar, or delivering to your doorstep.

Our team prides itself on providing exceptional customer service – in all facets of our business. Our online store, the wholesale team, or barista training – in each aspect, the customer experience is our number one priority.

The people behind
the coffee.

We have some pretty sensational people here at Holy Goat Coffee.

Our team is made up of skilled baristas, trainers and even San Remo machine technicians. Our diverse talents mean we are able to deliver a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

We are always on the move! From the Host Hospitality Expo in Milan and the Melbourne International Coffee Expo – all the way to the San Remo Espresso Machines Factory Treviso Italy!

We travel far and wide to keep our passion fuelled and up to date. This ensures our Espresso Bar at our Port Macquarie base is your complete coffee stop. Click below to learn more.

Barista Training & Education

Barista Training

Barista Training is offered to anyone that has an interest in coffee and/or is considering becoming a Barista. 

We run a 3.5hr course in our purpose-built facility, with modern machinery and you will be taught by our Certificate IV accredited trainer.

Our classes are run in small groups with a maximum of four students per class, to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

You will learn all aspects of espresso coffee making – from the origin of the beans, to understanding your grinder and grind adjustments. We also cover extraction and milk texturing – and touch on latte art.

We also offer Master Classes held with renowned trainer and technician Ben Stephens. Ben will take you into the coffee stratosphere, with sensory training, milk texturing, pouring and latte art skills.

Coffee Appreciation

These classes are for those that are just interested in coffee – for the love of it, and not a career path.

We can custom create a course based on your desire to learn. Whether your focus is on understanding more about your home machine, how to decipher a coffee menu – or how to get the most out of plunger coffee!

This is a fun and educational course suitable for everyone. Perfect for team building days or a fun group activity.

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